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Dealing With Depression and Improving Mental Health

Many people, even those who are generally happy, confident and outgoing, can struggle with depression. Depression isn’t just a state of mind; it’s a disorder that can cause a loss of interest and enthusiasm, lack of motivation to do things and an overall feeling of malaise or sadness. While situational depression is normal after a breakup, death or job loss, this will resolve with time. Clinical depression is different, however, and it doesn’t typically resolve just by waiting for time to pass.

The Symptoms of Depression

Symptoms of depression can include an overall feeling of misery or sadness. It persists over time, despite positive events that occur in life. This feeling is often accompanied by a loss of interest or enthusiasm for ideas and activities that have previously been exciting and engaging. People with depression may also find it harder to concentrate at work or school or to make serious decisions. In addition, depressed people may have feelings of guilt or unworthiness that continue to persist. The symptoms of depression can lead to and include suicidal ideation.

Potential Causes of Depression

Psychiatric research is promising and continues to search for the cause of depression. Genetic factors could be a contributor, as depression often runs in families. While situational depression is normal, it can cross into clinical depression for people who are predisposed to the illness. Life changes can also prompt a swing into depression, including giving birth to children, retiring from the workforce or facing life after the death of a spouse. In addition, there are direct physical causes that can lead to depression. For example, thyroid disorders, diabetes or anemia can cause these symptoms.

Responding to Depression: Treatment and Care

It is often most effective to use several techniques to deal with depression. Antidepressant medication, like SSRIs (selective serotonin … Read More ...

The Balance Of Life In Old Age


Many men struggle with the idea of getting older because of societal stigmas. Truthfully, many men age beautifully and seem to get more handsome with age. In order to progress, it’s important to adopt a mindset that supports an abundant lifestyle. If you’re unsure of how to evolve as a man that’s no longer 35 years old, there are a few habits to adopt.

1. Rest
Now more than ever, you need to make sure you get lots of rest. If you get the hours you need, your entire life will reflect that. Do your best to get as much rest as you can before 11 pm. If you find that you’re unable to get quality rest, examine different factors. You might need to change the temperature on your thermostat. You might need bedsheets. If could be an internal issue where you need to look into treatments like hrt for men. Do the work to figure out the best route so you can get the rest you need.

2. Nutrition
What you put in your body really does matter for your overall life. Think of food in the same way you think of gas in the tank of a car. If you put sand in the tank, the car won’t operate. If you continue to put junk food into your body, it won’t operate well either. Focus on eating lots of whole foods and develop the 80/20 rule. Indulge once in a while with a delicious steak dinner or a piece of chocolate cake. However, don’t make those meals habitual.

3. Partnership
There’s something to be said about sharing your life with someone else. Companionship is beautiful and valuable for many reasons. When you’re able to share your life with someone else, it’s an opportunity to grow as … Read More ...

Live Longer And Feel Stronger 101: Health Strategies That Really Work

Individuals who are determined to lead professionally productive and personally rewarding lives should know that focusing on health can help them do so. Luckily, there are many strategies you can implement to cultivate the lifestyle of wellness that will give you the energy necessary to excel in your work life and personal world. Below you’ll find several health strategies that can empower you to live longer and feel stronger soon:

1. Hop Off The Dieting Bandwagon Immediately.

If you really want to live longer and feel stronger, make sure that you hop off the dieting bandwagon immediately. Doing so is imperative because the poor eating habits that are almost always developed through the dieting process will just cause a wide range of psychosomatic issues that detract from your well-being. For example, diets tend to involve severe caloric restriction, and this reality can induce anxiety and other negative emotions. Diets also tend to lack the nutrients required for the body to complete key processes that result in things like bone formation. These are just a few of the reasons that you can and should hop off the dieting bandwagon immediately if you’re serious about making real progress on your health journey. Rather than dieting, try implementing key food strategies like having a delicious green smoothie for breakfast each morning. Another food strategy that has worked wonders for many people is going vegan. The fiber-rich, nutrient-packed nature of this diet has caused many individuals to experience incredible results like more energy and effortless weight loss.

2. Start Weight-Lifting.

In addition to hopping off the bandwagon immediately, make sure that you start weight-lifting. Doing so will empower you to gain more strength in your body. Once this happens, you’ll be more effective in completing activities of daily living (ADL) like opening cabinets, carrying … Read More ...